Our Approach

Our direction is to become the desirable auto parts store locally and internationally.  We have created relationships with our suppliers to provide you the most competitive prices on the finest products whether it be new or rebuilt. Which gives us the advantage to provide great prices for all customers outside the United States who need parts exported to their country of choice.

Our Story

Panther Auto Parts is a family owned business that was established in 2017. Cars have always been a thing of the family and so we started Panther Auto Parts to make it easier for the local mechanic shops and customers to find parts at a competitive rate so they themselves can in turn be competitive. From humble beginnings, we've taken pride in the products we offer and sell by making sure we have the attitude that when "you succeed, we succeed" and not until then. This story is just beginning so we will be here for the long haul.

Meet the Team

Panther Auto Parts Export was built up from a family business with the team being the heart of the company. In time we are building a reputable team of experts in various areas of the Automobile Industry, all of whom can answer any questions you may have on their various sectors.

John Navarro

Founder & CEO

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